Impact Investing into the

Sustainable Blue Economy of Asia

We are an ASEAN private company based out of Singapore with a strong focus on investing and promoting sustainable aquaculture and practice

About Us

8 Seas is a private impact investment company set up in 2020 with the goal of investing into sustainable projects in the upstream and downstream chains of aquaculture and seafood space. Since its inception, 8 Seas has invested into 4 projects and has directly invested or raised more than S$4 million for the projects.

Goals and Vision

We invest into aquaculture and seafood companies that shares in our vision. They must harness technology to boost efficiency and productivity while maintaining care for our environment.

Project Assets

8 Seas Value

Increased human demand for fish and subsidies for fishing fleets have resulted in too many boats chasing too few fish. Global wild catches are dropping at an alarming rate. To keep up with the growing population, food production will need to increase. Large land mammals like cattle require huge amounts of water and agricultural land to graze and grow feed. Fish and seafood offer much more efficient food conversion ratios.

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