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The Fresh Label Pte Ltd

Year Invested: 2020

The Fresh Label (TFL) aims to become the leading supplier of sustainability farmed fishes in Singapore. By bringing new innovations such as an in-house customized ERP system, TFL is able to achieve superior cold room space planning and efficiency.


⟟ Singapore


SGSeas Aquaculture

Year Invested: 2020


Licensed with Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of Philippines, SGSeas operates a 7 hectare polyculture cum vertical crab farming system aimed at growing quality non GMO seafood species such as Milkfish, Tiger Prawn and Mud Crabs meant for local and the export market.


⟟ Sorsogon, Philippines



Year Invested: 2021


Our 8 Seas in-house Proof of Concept of Boston Lobster hatchery and grow-out. In conjunction with Israel technology this POC is aimed at delivering superior growth rates of the Boston Lobster before the scaling for commercial purposes.


⟟ Israel & Singapore


Atlas Aquaculture

Year Invested: 2022

Atlas Aquaculture operates a 2.1 hectare land based farm in Singapore that employs its latest proprietary patent pending technology that minimizes water wastage and waste. The technology is scalable for greater production and licensing or partnership opportunities are available.


⟟ Singapore


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